5 Steps To Start Your Website Redesign Process

5 Steps To Start Your Website Redesign Process | Toni's Web Design & Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Management, Social Media Marketing

Did you know an outdated or poor website design can hurt your bottom line? Regardless of the industry or the size of your company, it’s crucial to ensure your business website is producing optimum results. If your website has turned into a useless digital asset, it’s time to consider a website redesign. 

Your business website is the face of your online identity. It has to not only attract and engage the visitors but also deliver a strong first impression.

Redesigning your site might sound like an easy job. However, starting a website redesign project demands a thoughtful approach and strategy. It’s not a walk in the park. Before you start the redesign process, the fundamental question you need to ask yourself is: why do you want to redesign your website? 

Top Reasons Why Companies Do A Website Redesign

  • Users complain the website is difficult to use 
  • The website has stopped generating leads and sales 
  • The website design has become obsolete 
  • The current website isn’t mobile responsive 
  • The business has an identity, but the website doesn’t reflect it 

The Best Way To Approach A Website Redesign 

To make the most of your website redesign strategy, start with formal discovery. Identify the major issues with your existing website and then define your goals for the new website. When it comes to website rebuilding, don’t take anything for granted. Let’s take a look at five important steps to build a sound foundation for a redesign: 

1. Analyze Your Old Website

Start with critically analyzing your current site to find out what’s working and what’s not. Tools like Google Analytics will help you examine your site in terms of performance: traffic volume, bounce rate, SEO rankings, conversion rate, speed, mobile responsiveness, where your visitors click and where they don’t, etc. 

2. Set Your Priorities

Redesigning your website doesn’t mean you just need to modify the existing look of your site. It must be redesigned in a way that improves functionality, visual appearance, and conversion. So, it’s important to define what metrics you want to improve. Being clear about your goals upfront will make the website redesign process more organized and transparent. 

3. Decide What You Should Retain

You don’t have to redesign everything on your website. Some of the design elements on your old site might be working great. For example, you don’t have to redesign the logo if you’re happy with it. In fact, you shouldn’t redesign your logo if it has received widespread recognition. Similarly, it might be a good idea to go with the same font choices or color palette. Again, you need to analyze your website to decide what you want to keep or what needs minor adjustments. 

4. Enlist Your Desired Design Changes

You might have created a list of features you want to add to your new website. From a color change to switching to a different content management system (CMS), you can consider adding a variety of new features to make your website more relevant and effective. 

It would be a good idea to create a list of structural changes you might prefer for your redesigned website. For example, take note if you want to remove or add anything to your navigation list. It will make life easier for your web designers and developers. 

5. Hire A Professional Web Designer

Designing or redesigning a website requires your time and budget. If your business can’t afford to redesign the website, again and again, get it right the first time. Hire an experienced web designer that has what it takes to design or redesign a great business website in a timely manner. 

Quick Website Redesign Tips 

Here are some of the website redesign best practices: 

  • Adopt a minimalist design approach 
  • Use colors, imagery, and fonts that reflect your brand 
  • Highlight key areas of your site using contrasting colors 
  • Add a blog section to your new site 
  • Consider adding new landing pages to improve conversion 
  • Optimize everything for search engines 
  • Make sure your new website is mobile-first 

About Toni’s Web Design

Toni’s Web Design is a rapidly growing online marketing and design agency, helping businesses design/redesign their websites. If you’re ready to work with a proven team of web designers, request a quote right now! 

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