Listing Management

For Better Search Engine Rankings

Ensure Your Online Business Listings Are Correct Across The Entire Web.

Why Business
Listing Management?

Do you need to attract new customers? Are you looking for a way to pull your business ahead of your competition? Business listing management is your answer.

Also known as citations or online directory listings, a business listing means anywhere your business Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) are listed online. Accurately displaying your business NAP is the key to successfully boosting your search rankings. But managing your citations on your own can be tedious. That’s where our business listing management comes in!

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Why Do Business
Listings Matter?

Boost Local Rankings

Get a better chance of landing in Google's Map Pack with optimized business listings and directories that rank higher in local and “near me” searches.

More Online Visibility

Citations increase awareness about your business and help more people reach you online. Complete and accurate listings ensure customers find you easily.

More Links To Your Site

Nearly every business directory allows you to list your website URL. More quality links to your website tells search engines your site is worthy of ranking.

Increase Your Credibility

The more a business is mentioned on the Internet, the more Google deems them deserving of better rankings. More so than one’s who aren’t mentioned at all!

How Business Listing
Management Works.

4 Steps To Getting Found Everywhere Online

Local Search Audit

Business listing management starts with us analyzing your current local search results to determine the necessary steps to improve your online visibility.

Citation Building

To help build up your online visibility, get more backlinks, and improve your overall search rankings, we'll submit your correct business info to new directories each month.

Citation Cleanup

To get you the best visibility for your business, we'll find and remove duplicate listings, fix any errors, and ensure your business NAP information is consistent across the internet.

Ongoing Listing Management

Since the average listing can change every 6 days, we'll continue our business listing management to monitor your local search results, find new directories to add your business to, and fix any inconsistencies that may arise.

Business Listing Management FAQs.

The Most Common Questions We're Asked About Business Listing Management

What Is A Business Citation?

A citation is any mention of your business online that typically shows your Name, Address, and Phone number, also known as your NAP. Add in your Web address and it becomes your NAP+W. Citations are a fundamental part of your SEO and should be monitored regularly.

What Is Business Listing Management?

Business listing management is a service in which we claim, cleanup, and distribute your business name, address, phone number and web address across hundreds of directory listings for you over time. This maintains the accuracy of your business info and helps with search rankings.

Will Business Listing Management Increase Leads?

If you have a local business that serves area consumers, business listing management services can help you drive more customers to your website by providing you greater online visibility.

Will Citations Help Me Show Up In Google Maps?

Having a complete and accurate Google My Business page is what makes you eligible for placement in Google Maps, but consistent NAP data across the web will help boost rankings.

Are Accurate Listings That Important?

Absolutely! Accurate and consistent business info across the internet is one of the most important ranking factors in local search. Google is constantly comparing your directory listing info against your Google My Business page. To have any shot at being ranked, you must keep all your info up to date!

Why Can't I Just Use Yext?

Using Yext will certainly get your business listed on several online directories. However, you’ll be responsible for keeping your info updated and accurate. And, if you ever decide to leave, your listings will be lost over time. We submit your info on your behalf, but it’s yours, not ours. Besides, we used to use Yext and regularly found errors!

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