How To Redesign Your Logo To Make It More Meaningful

How To Redesign Your Logo To Make It More Meaningful | Toni's Web Design & Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Management, Social Media Marketing

A sound logo can have a massive impact on your brand. While it’s hard to get your logo right the first time, in most cases, it’s vital to tweak and adjust it to make it more relevant. The logo you created 10 or 15 years ago is unlikely to represent your business to customers in 2019. So, it’s time to pull your logo off the shelf and give it a once-over. Here is how to redesign your logo and make it more relevant: 

Define Why And How To Redesign Your Logo

It’s important to start every branding project by outlining your goals. Why do you want to redesign your logo? Answering this question, in the beginning, will give you a clear direction. There can be several reasons why companies need to redesign their branding elements. For example, the existing logo is too complex or the company has evolved and needs to reflect different values. 

The purpose here is not to define what your logo should look like, but how you want your customers to perceive your brand. Since your logo will represent your company everywhere from business cards to your website, do some research to create a good first impression. 

The most successful logos are created strategically to tell a story or strike a specific emotion. So, develop a clear understanding of your logo redesign concept before entering the design phase. 

Consider Where Your Logo Will Appear

The rise of new digital technologies has completely reshaped the way companies develop their visual identities. A few decades ago, a brand’s logo was only seen on a few channels: television, brochures or print ads. As digital has completely transformed marketing, company logos are now seen in the tiniest of digital contexts. So, before you redesign your logo, take into account that it will be used in several contexts from your visual identity on the packaging to digital ads. 

Decide What To Keep And What Not To  

One of the most difficult phases in a logo redesign process is to decide what to keep and what to toss out. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but you must keep your company’s goals in mind. You might want to keep the shapes, graphics, and mascots while refreshing the look of your old logo. If you don’t want to honor the past, you can choose to keep very little of the existing logo or create something entirely new. 

Did you know Apple used a multicolored logo from 1976 to 1998 to sell Macs with a colored screen?

Know How Far You Can Go 

It’s true that a drastic logo redesign can earn your business customer attention. However, being too bold or splashy can be off-putting. If your new logo is completely different from the old one, your customers might be unable to recognize your brand. 

The ability of your customers to identify your products is of great importance. So, make sure to understand how new changes to your logo may impact your business. Make a sensible assessment of how far you can go before making any changes to your existing logo. 


Logos that are too complex or noticeably outdated should be redesigned. If you’re ready to redesign the old logo, make sure to retain your brand’s identifiable elements. Start your project by defining your goals, and do your homework to finalize design elements that you want to carry forward. It will help you answer how to redesign your logo and produce the best possible results. 

Your logo is something your prospects and customers will see almost every time they do business with you. On top of that, your logo will be with you for years to come.  So, it’s essential to get it right. 

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